Area Forecast(ARFOR)

Updated on: Fri 24th Mar 2023 at 04:08:33PM Local time

FANV40 From: Weather Forecastng & Services Division Subject: ARFOR To: (Recipient List Suppressed) Date: Friday, 24/03/2023 15:48 Show: raw text html ARFOR FOR VANUATU VALID 240600UTC TO 241800UTC SITUATION A TROUGH OVER CENTRAL ISLANDS ASSOCIATED WITH CLOUDS, SHOWERS OF RAIN, HEAVY RAIN AT TIMES AND THUNDER OVER THE GROUP . NORTHERLY WINDS OVER NORTHERN ISLANDS WHILE SE WINDS ELSEWHERE. WINDS [ SPEED IN KNOTS] N OF 15S S OF 15S FL025 30008 11022 FL050 09018 36019 FL100 32014P10 03002P09 FL185 31014M05 08004M04 SIGWX: TSRA/SHRA. VIS: +50KM 10000M-9000M IN -SHRA, 8000M-4000M IN +TSRA/RA/+SHRA/SHRA. CLOUDS: FEW-SCT ST 005/015 SCT-BKN CU 015/080 FEW-SCT CB 020/450 BKN-OVC SC 035/050 BKN-OVC ASAC ABV FL090. TURBULENCE: SEV IN CB. FREEZING LEVEL: 16000FT. RMK: NIL.